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Posted by Coché Jewelry Team on Nov 10th 2020

It is an essential part of your wardrobe, the black dress, usually a classic style that is useful for more than one look. For some, it is the dress of choice for the “I have nothing to wear” moments. According to historians of fashion, Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion designer, popularized this classic wardrobe staple with the Little Black Dress (LBD) back in the 1920s. Designers however have taken the black dress to a new level, as such, we see it now in various silhouettes and styles. We all love the black dress, and listed below are a few recommendations from our collection to help you finish your look.

Want to keep your look modest yet elegant? Accessorizing with simple elegant jewelry pieces may help you to achieve a classic elegant appearance. This at times is an option for the dressy casual look which might be more suitable for daytime events like church functions, business breakfast, and the ladies afternoon tea. Pearls maybe a natural choice for this look, but stud earrings, bracelets and necklaces with simple designs like our Sterling Silver Solitaire Necklace paired with the Elise Cushion Cut CZ Stud Earrings are styles that have been chosen over the years. Here are some pearl selections from our collection that we think you may like for a classic wardrobe finish. 

Pearl Cluster Earrings


If you are attending an event that requires a formal look, and you are wondering what jewelry can be paired with your gorgeous black dress to achieve a regal appearance, consider jewelry that sparkles. Now high diamond jewelry might be the preferred choice, but if you need something more affordable with a high quality grade, then consider diamond simulants. Over the years many celebrities have actually worn diamond like crystals on the red carpet, and still received praise for their flawless wardrobe appearance. It’s all about the quality and design, and we have a few selections to help you complete your dazzling look. Checkout our Bowknot CZ Crystals Earrings, and Five Strand Pearl Rhinestone Accent Bracelet.


If you want to add a little more drama to your look so you will standout, and do not mind all eyes on your accessories, then consider finishing your look with jewelry that has character. Commonly considered statement jewelry, these designs are unique in its style or big and bold. Unique jewelry might consist of geometric shapes, simulate animals, or plants. Consider our handcrafted Golden Wings of Butterfly Dangle EarringsRising Phoenix Earrings, Polished Steel Cuff Bangle, and Chain Sterling Silver Post Earrings. Listed below are a few picks that may reflect the adventurous you.


If you are planning on a night on the town, celebratory dinner with friends, bridal party, etc., you may want to consider jewelry with a glamourous flair. Social events of this nature means looking scaled up, but perhaps not awards night glamourous. We have a few selections that might peak your interest in our Bridal and Black-tie Collection


Perhaps you have a flair for bright shades and want to offset your black dress with some color, then consider accessorizing with colorful jewelry. Just because you are wearing black does not mean you cannot be colorful, select colorful gemstones and crystals, fashion jewelry with colorful geometric shapes, tassel, or even bold gold and silver pieces to show your more daring and perhaps adventurous personality. A few choices from our collection include the Rainbow Phoenix CZ Earrings, and the Multihued Swarovski Crystals Necklace and Earrings Set


If your style is chic, meaning you prefer clean lines, nude color lipstick, stilettos in shades of brown, white or black, yes, the sophisticated look. You may appreciate our selections by Boom Chappell and Guillermo Arregui. Perhaps you are going to a business meeting before attending a dinner, or a luncheon and want that smart casual look, jewelry that works for both evening and daytime might be a good investment for you. We have sophisticated designs such as our Sari Wrap Earrings that combine a sophisticated design with gold and crystal accents, or our Sterling Silver and Gold Bangle.   


Lastly, our crystal bra strap can offer a little something special to your wardrobe, especially for those thin straps and exposed shoulder tops and dresses. Consider our Classic Eva Crystal Bra Straps which is known to add a little finesse to spruce up your look. Learn more about crystal bra straps and watch the video.